this informative article will cover How to Make an Appendix- A Guide

this informative article will cover How to Make an Appendix- A Guide

In your research paper or writing assignment or the presentation, you are going to involve some paragraphs or topics which can’t explain the information entirely. This is how you shall need certainly to use an appendix. So just how in order to make an appendix?

Before we have the steps of making an appendix, it is crucial that we understand its meaning.

What is an appendix?

An appendix is a raw data or extra information, generally provided at the conclusion or following the citation page associated with document with references when you look at the main text. Sometimes, its placement is suggested by the trained teacher or professor if you’re writing an assignment for your school. It really is used to provide your readers the additional insights on this issue being discussed in that document.

Just why is it included in the end rather than in the body that is main of paper?

Since it offers the extra information, may possibly not pay to do paper be useful to the complete audience or the some time space may not allow you to use in the key body. It supports the important points in your paper, yet not everybody could be thinking about reading that extra information. So including it in the main body would make it irrelevant if it is not useful for everybody.

Additionally, it is found in Powerpoint presentations and the same placement and referencing rules are applied in this sort of work too. But you shall have choices to hide or show in particular. For example, you may hide the appendix if needed if you want to provide your presentation in a PDF format or in a printed handout.

What can you use in an appendix?

You could add any or most of the types mentioned below as part of your appendix in a paper depending on the need.

  1. Texts or paragraph
  2. Graphs or Charts
  3. Examples with images, photographs, and illustrations
  4. Drawings, diagrams, and maps
  5. Links to websites
  6. Listing of suggested reading

Remember that you are going link as references in the main body of your writing that you should include only those details in the appendix. Any information that is not relevant or otherwise not giving support to the points of your writing that is main should be contained in the appendix.

An appendix for a research paper or presentation is a spot where you are able to display the data that are raw you have collected throughout the preparation and research. It may be any given information that is relevant helpful to understand the points in your paper and offer the results or facts.

You can the calculations and information that is statistical raw data when they are useful in extending the points being discussed in your paper. You need to demonstrate to them as references into the main content.

If you work with some external supply of information or any other people’s act as a reference to aid your writings, you should properly cite them. You should use proper citation style with respect to the nature associated with the research additionally the subject of the paper. The main citation styles are APA style, MLA style, and Chicago Style. If you’d like to use the styles like MLA or APA in word document, you can make use of the Style feature given underneath the References tab in MS Word.

Visual documents

You should use images, graphs, charts, diagrams, maps, drawings and tables for a study if required. It includes those contents that are visual you’ve got created during the research. It can help your readers understand the information quickly.

The main benefit of using visual content into the appendix is that it does not take the space when you look at the body that is main. You will definitely reference them within the content that is main will give you an option for folks who wish to check them to learn more.

You could range from the graphs, charts along with other visuals developed by other researchers if required. But in this case, you ought to cite them properly so that the reader can realize that it is not created by you.

Instruments used

Your readers will see it useful if you mention the information about the instruments used in your quest. So you should note this in the appendix. It is possible to mention whatever is employed, i.e. Tape recorder, video recorder, the camera for pictures or other device.

Your readers ought to know how did you use the device while conducting the extensive research and using the interviews or surveys. It will help your audience comprehend the method and techniques utilized in your quest.

Transcripts of interviews and surveys

You should range from the interview that is complete, survey question answers and any correspondence within the appendix. You can include the photocopies of handwritten notes and contents or copies that are online. It will probably depend on whether you have written your paper and appendix in word processor or on a physical medium.

The appendix also has some formatting conventions to be followed like most of the writing assignments. They are as below.